Company 2019 Guidance
Revenue $1,515M – $1,575M
Adjusted EBITDA $400M – $410M

Cincinnati Bell’s 2019 Guidance assumes:

  • Hawaiian Telcom expected to grow 5% – 10% on an annual basis as compared to 2018
  • Estimate $16M decline in Adjusted EBITDA as compared to 2018 due to additional insourcing from one of our largest customers
Hawaiian Telcom Contributions
Included in the Company Targets
Revenue $350M – $360
Adjusted EBITDA $95M – $100M
Capital Expenditures $60M – $70M

Selected 2019 Free Cash Flow Items
Capital Expenditures $215M – $235M
Interest payments $130M – $140M
Pension and OPEB payments $15M – $20M