Cincinnati Bell Transfer Agent Information:

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What is the tax basis for the spin-off of Convergys Corporation and Cincinnati Bell?

Tax Basis Information - Investors who owned Cincinnati Bell Inc. common stock on December 1, 1998, received shares of Convergys Corporation in a tax-free, one-for-one distribution on December 31, 1998. You should allocate 43.0% of your original Cincinnati Bell cost basis to your Cincinnati Bell Inc. shares and 57.0% to your Convergys Corporation shares.

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How can I get a an annual report?

Our Company's summary annual report and Form 10-K report are available in print or online. You can view, download or print the annual now, or you can request a printed copy by calling the Shareholder Information line at 1-800-345-6301.

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When does Cincinnati Bell pay dividends on its Series B Preferred stock?

Cincinnati Bell pays dividends on its Series B Preferred stock on the first business day of January, April, July and October for shareholders of record as of the 15th day of the proceeding month.

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When are the company's quarterly earnings released?

Cincinnati Bell typically releases quarterly financial results in early February, May, August and November.

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What are the dates of the Cincinnati Bell stock splits?

Cincinnati Bell shares split 2-for-1 on each of the following dates: 12/15/65, 4/15/71, 5/6/86, 5/20/87, 5/22/89 and 5/30/97. Shareholders as of 12/31/98 also received one share of Convergys Corp. for each Cincinnati Bell share owned on that date in the spin-off of Convergys. Effective 11:59 pm on October 4, 2016, Cincinnati Bell completed a one-for-five reverse stock split.

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Does Cincinnati Bell pay dividends on its common shares?

Cincinnati Bell believes that its shareholders will be better served in the long run if the company invests its cash flow in the best of its many opportunities to generate growth and pay down debt. As such, it no longer pays common-share dividends.

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Can Cincinnati Bell shareholders buy additional common shares directly without commission?

Cincinnati Bell no longer offers a shareholder stock purchase plan.

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How do I find additional information about Cincinnati Bell?

In addition to the wealth of information on this website, investors may search online for Cincinnati Bell Inc. or its New York Stock Exchange symbol, CBB. Several major industry and securities analysts follow Cincinnati Bell; their reseach is available to clients and/or brokerage customers of their respective firms. Finally, you may send us an email message or call our Shareholder Information Line, 1-800-345-6301.

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